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Shopping in Italy is very popular among tourists from many countries. Milan is definitely the first city in Italy to go shopping! Everyone knows it! It is impossible even to think, that in one of the capitals of Italian and World fashion you will not buy everything you dreamt of and even more! 

Shopping in Italy means any brands from the most famous ones to less popular in CIS, a huge variety of models, styles, trendy things and lots of goods with outlets discounts. To shop in Milan is very comfortable since you don’t need to hire a taxi to get to any mall. All the best and the most interesting is in the center, you can easily get to needed shops and boutiques by walking.

Personal Shopper is exactly who you need to get the most out of shopping in Milan! There are many boutiques, and shopping route plays important role in saving time and effort trying to find what you need.

Personal Shopper helps tourists to get to the boutiques in short ways, where they can buy clothing, shoes, bags and everything they want according to their desire, style preferences and shopping budget!

No less then 4 hours are needed for one person to buy everything he/she wants. Time for shopping is usually calculated with an account of the budget and an approximate amount of things that tourists want to buy. Also it depends on buyer’ personal rhythm. Some choose quickly, others choose and try on slowly.

Everything is very individual! Avid shopaholics can, only in few hours, almost completely revamp their closets! If you are a first time in Milan, try shopping with Personal Shopper! If this process is not new for you, then it’s up to you to shop in Milan by yourself or together with a Shopper.

We are always happy to make your shopping effortless! Write and call us in any time of the year! Milan is always open for recreation and shopping.


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