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We offer competent assistance in purchasing real estate in New York: houses, villas, apartments, mansions, country houses, town houses, villas, lofts, penthouses to wealthy customers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and other countries of the former CIS. To have luxury property in the United States, in New York is prestigious and profitable.

All you need is to contact us! We will help you in all the processes of choosing and purchasing the property you need, including full transaction support. We are not an agency, and our proposals are not limited to a specific set of properties from one agency. We have different and more effective approach!

We cooperate with a variety of real estate agencies in New York and, in addition, we offer real estate for sale from private individuals. We always work flexibly and professionally! We analyze the segment you are interested in and select the most appropriate potential options in the shortest term. Such an approach gives the best results as there are practically no restrictions!

We will find you a house, a villa, a loft or a penthouse, which will be located in the most prestigious areas of New York (Brooklyn, Manhattan, etc.) and meet your preferences and requirements, including the budget. Dreams must come true! We will help to turn your dreams and desires into reality. Luxury real estate in New York is the most desired in the USA and all around the World and can cost up from one million euro to a hundred million euro! The demand for such real estate is growing from year to year.

A wide range of prices! There are more than 8 million people in New York. This is a huge stylish metropolis. Having a penthouse in Manhattan is very prestigious! Many celebrities and wealthy people from all around the world live in this area. All immediately see the status of its owner! So contact us to purchase real estate in New York, the results won’t disappoint you!

Luxury Estate New – York

A global study of the foreign capital inflow in the USA has shown that wealthy customers from Russia, the oligarchs, are active buyers of "elite" real estate in New York. Russia leads the list of countries with the biggest capital outflow abroad. Indeed any foreigner can become an owner of real estate in New York. The Americans are very good at being branded as wealthy and successful, and everyone knows about the American Dream! Buying luxury property in New York, in the unique metropolis of endless opportunities, you are buying the winning ticket not only to the world of privileged but also to the world of high-end business.

New York is one of the largest cities in the United States, New York wins all hearts forever! Once you visit it you understand that this is the city you want to live in timeless. New York’s position as the capital of the world level "elite" becomes stronger with each passing year. Paradoxical real estate cost trend in New York - is its stable growth.

Experts believe that when buying real estate in New York, you're making a very profitable and safe purchase, especially when compared with other cities. More and more wealthy foreign customers prefer to buy luxury properties in the city of contrasts in New York, while Monaco, London and Moscow are becoming less popular. Along with princes, queens, Hollywood movie stars and billionaires, wealthy Russians and Ukrainians buy actively elite real estate in New York. Forbes magazine says that the best city in the world for investment is New York.

Luxury real estate in New York is often considered by many as the object of long-term investments and to recoup it is not too difficult. It is not quite classic! Here is where, in a city with more than 8 million people, you can buy a luxury townhouse or a house right in the center of the city, and this is a unique feature of New York. But in general the skyscrapers are the certain basis of modern architecture in the city. In order to make natural lighting, skyscrapers intersperse with smaller buildings.

On the endless streets of this city of dreams, which "never sleeps", you can meet the characters known in the whole world from books and movies. New York has a special status, it is a huge business center, a place where the largest corporations and companies in the world, various political organizations, such as UN, are concentrated. Professionals from various fields want to work here, as there are too many opportunities for developing different kinds of business. It is the banking capital of the world recognized by all!

You can feel the business rhythm of America in New York. New York is also a cosmopolitan city, which in this context is also called the capital of the world. People from many countries eager to get there because of many different reasons! The magnetism of New York is great and unique! All these factors are crucial when pricing real estate in New York. Real Estate in New York is one of the most expensive ones in the world.

Many want to buy not an apartment in one of the skyscrapers in New York but a luxury townhouse with a stunning design to have a separate living space there. Besides, the townhouse can be even with patio and garage. In this case, you will have to pay more for style, workmanship and various "fancies", but it's worth it. New York is located on the Atlantic coast so attracts luxury real estate buyers for this reason too.

If you dream about a luxurious house, a villa or a mansion on the ocean coast , this city is also for you! We can find for you such an option too! Design of a house with a lot near the ocean and its interior will harmoniously blend in surroundings.

The house will have all needed components, which make the lives of their owners comfortable, with account of modern technologies such as geo and thermal energy, perfectly calculated shading, solar panel and modern ventilation system. Environmentally friendly materials are used when building a house. Glass walls in one of the rooms increase visually the space and view the ocean. There is also SPA zone, sun terrace, heated floors and private beach. Crystal-clear air, the relaxing atmosphere and stylish interiors - is a dream that comes true!


Above there are some of the types of real estate in New York. This will help our customers make the right choice. We have an individual approach to each customer, we keep confidentiality, take into account all client’s wishes and optimize price at most.

Areas of New York. Useful information

New York is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast and its districts (boroughs) have a peculiar hierarchy. Some of them are very elitist when others designed for people with average incomes. The growth rate is also different. New York consists of five large areas: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx.

Manhattan. The Manhattan island is one of the main attractions of New York (its size is about 90 sq. km). The structure of its avenues and streets is simple, many streets have serial numbers. Luxury Broadway, Wall Street and "the most expensive street" The Fifth Avenue are known throughout the world. Fashionable and exclusive areas of Manhattan are East - Village, Lower East Side, Nolita and Noho. Broadway is one of the biggest, widest and longest streets not only of Manhattan but of the whole of New York. It stretches from north to south along the island, and its length is about 25 km. This is one of the oldest streets in the city.

Office buildings and enterprises are found on Broadway in great numbers. Manhattan is connected to the rest of the city by bridges and tunnels (Hudson Tunnel and others). There is a free ferry between Manhattan and Staten Island. There are famous museums such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Art Museum on the Island.

UN Headquarters and Rockefeller Center are also located on Manhattan. Central Park is a beautiful landmark of Manhattan and whole New York. Ice rinks, alleys, lawns, jogging tracks - all these make the park a very popular place to visit all year round. Real estate market on Manhattan, the island of skyscrapers, remains the most popular. Luxury real estate on this island doesn’t need any advertising! There is where the largest commercial and financial companies in the world are located.

Property prices start with one million dollars. It is that expensive compared with a price of a really expensive apartment in this prestigious area, for example in the new over modern skyscraper "One 57" on the West 57- th Street, which can be called the embodiment of the so-called "Manhattan lifestyle." The height of this skyscraper is over 300 meters, it has 90 floors, 135 private residences and the 5-star Park Hyatt Hotel.

Many buildings on Manhattan are historical and monumental (built in the early 20th - century), so it contributes to higher prices of real estate. Sums paid for the luxury real estate on Manhattan can be tens and hundreds million dollars! Not everybody can afford buying a "de luxe" class penthouse with a view to the famous Empire State Building!


This area is just a short subway ride from elite Manhattan, and this affects the prices of real estate. They are lower than on Manhattan, but not much, the difference is only about four thousand dollars per square meter, if talking about an equivalent property. In Brooklyn, you can buy a house or townhouse, which will cost only 2 - 3 million dollars.


It is another elite district of New York, which is characterized by high property prices. Here you can buy an expensive and comfortable apartment, which is worth up to 2 million dollars in one of the skyscrapers.


It is one of the biggest boroughs in New York. Real estate prices in comparison with the other three central areas of New York, mentioned above, are the most loyal. You can buy a beautiful apartment for $ 500,000.

Staten Island

It's kind of a suburb, there is a lot of real estate with the land. Private houses and villas can be bought exactly in this area. Its cost can be relatively low, in the range of 400,000 - 500,000 dollars as this area is considered to be the least prestigious, though quickly gaining popularity among customers.

Real estate acquisition in New York. Nuances

The real estate market in New York differs from the Russian real estate market. One of the most important differences of the real estate purchase in New York is the obligatory participation of lawyers, who are specialized in real estate. The buyers and their agents participate too. A competent lawyer, a professional in the field of real estate, will explain the various nuances about the legal operations conducting in order to minimize tax costs.

Currently elite real estate in New York is a far-sighted acquisition and stable and highly reliable investment. Real estate demand in New York is higher than supply. Experts predict a price rise for elite real estate in New York up to 10 - 15 - 20% during next 5 years. You can buy an apartment in one of the old houses with beautiful elegant façade in New York. Usually, there are no elevators in such houses because they have just three or maximum five floors. High ceilings, fireplaces, moldings are the interior details that often characterize such houses.

Earlier, the whole house could belong to a wealthy family, which had a large staff of servants, but then for various reasons the house was divided into separate apartments, which can take a half of the floor or even the entire floor. Sometimes they are sold completely. To have an apartment in such luxury house or to buy a whole house is prestigious! You can buy a townhouse in almost any area in New York, depending on regional preferences!

Many of the buildings in New York (up to 80%) belong to non-profit organizations and it is another feature of the real estate market in New York. They are called cooperatives, and run by the Board of the cooperative. The Board of the cooperative sets the basic rules for the house tenants and take the most important decisions concerning the house. It is 10-20 % cheaper to buy an apartment in the co-op than in the condominium. The potential buyer approval may last for weeks or even months. The Board of the cooperative is very meticulous and careful about it.

If you bought an apartment in such co-op, you become an owner of the shares. Shares size depends on the apartment size. And depending on the shares number and apartment’s size, the apartment’s owner costs for maintaining a building are defined. It is not that easy for a Russian citizen to become an owner of such shares, even if you have enough money. To do this you must have a steady income in the United States and pay income tax. When joining the cooperative you must also appeal to other shares holders in the cooperative, or the chance to buy this property will be minimal.

Almost all of the cooperatives do not permit to sublet, and this is a disadvantage for many buyers-investors. Cooperatives can monitor your repairs and even reception. To limit speculations, when purchasing a cooperative apartment, special resale tax is added. It is done to protect other cooperative community members. In general, the residents consider their building as a kind of privileged club with a touch of elitism, and therefore approve as tenants only certain type of people, that somewhat become the members of the club and won’t disturb or cause any inconvenience to other tenants.

Condominiums (from the word "condo") – are the multifamily houses; the usual kind of property when you get a certain living space. There are less restrictions in such buildings then in the buildings owned by cooperatives. Foreigners, as investors, are treated loyal and purchased dwelling can be lent for any period. There are no restrictions on the use of the purchased property. Real estate in the condominium is more expensive, as it is considered more liquid, also it is easier to buy or to sell.

A condominium management Board is selected from the tenants. The Board manages all aspects of the property use. Also it sets the internal rules that all tenants must follow. The number of condominiums rises because some houses are being reconstructed and then reorganized into condominiums. Luxury repairs, refined interiors, comfortableness and large windows that allow to enjoy the view of New York, excellent service: all these is available in these houses and attracts wealthy buyers and foreign investors.

No matter what kind of property you want to buy, we will help you in all aspects related to its purchase. Foreign buyers must pay taxes when buying property in New York. It is necessary to pay property taxes and to pay for the building service. Taxes vary depending on the size and type of the purchased property, on the level of convenience and, of course, on service.

 Buyer’s costs when purchasing a property in New York:

- the registration fee

- lawyer services

- state and federal taxes: ownership transfer to the State of New York and the city of New York taxes, the title insurance cost, tenant’s deposit when entering a house or an apartment and others. If the property is worth more than 1 million dollars you have to pay 1% of its value.

When you confirm the deal you pay these costs. It is pretty difficult to understand all these subtleties, so of course, it is better to seek for a professional: realtor or broker, who will help to confirm a deal. And to find real estate, services of realtor, who will represent your interests, are needed! You can make a search by yourself, nowadays you can find any needed information in the internet, but, however, the search process can be tedious and take a lot of time and effort! Experts in this field can help you to speed up the process.

There are several major advantages of buying real estate in New York:

1. Investing in real estate on the island of Manhattan. There is already no free land for construction on Manhattan, and therefore the acquired here property will only rise in price, and it is unknown to what extent.

2. Right now the real estate purchase situation in New York is very favorable - it happens every twenty years. Thus you can safely invest in the purchase of houses, villas and apartments in New York.

3. Experts in this field say that it is a very good choice of options of luxury real estate in New York now.

4. Having your own property in New York, you can easily go to the United States.

5. Beneficial interests in the case of mortgage loans – only 5 - 6% per annum (in Russia is much higher!).

Few words about Brooklyn. A lot of immigrants from the former CIS countries, especially Russia, live in this area of New York. To hear Russian speech is the norm on the streets of Brighton Beach. Officials, TV and Radio stars, businessmen from Russia, all live on Brighton Beach. There is a great service infrastructure in Brooklyn. Russian language is one of the official ones in New York. It is an interesting fact!

If you are Russian, and you want to feel comfortable in a different, unfamiliar to you country, the best solution is to buy property in the area of Brooklyn. The adaptation will take record little time! It is important that this area, in the sphere of real estate, by prestige takes 2-nd place in New York after Manhattan.

New York - is metropolis of great opportunities in various spheres of life, work and business. Having bought a luxury property in New York, you will live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and such a purchase would also be beneficial, profitable and safe investment.


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